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  • "Lion of St. Mark" ring in solid 925 silver

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    The lion of San Marco, symbol of majesty and power.

    The lion of San Marco is a winged lion that symbolically represents the evangelist San Marco, patron of the city of Venice.

    It is a symbol used to give an immediate and unmistakable sign of identity and power.

    Christian symbolism derives from an ancient legend.

    Marco was sailing to Alexandria in Egypt. On a stormy evening, he sought shelter in one of the few fishing huts that once stood in Venice, probably in Rialto. After a frugal dinner he fell asleep. An angel, represented by a winged lion, appeared to him in a dream and exclaimed a Latin phrase:

    Pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus, hic requiescet corpus tuum »

    (Peace to you, Mark, my evangelist. Your body will rest here)


    In the morning he told the dream to the fishermen. Then he set sail to continue the journey to Egypt. His mission was to convert the infidels and found one of the oldest and most important sites of Christianity of those times. Although there are no certain sources, it seems that in Alexandria he found death.


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    Lion of San Marco ring

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