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"The Count of Monte Cristo"

Passion, despair, redemption and revenge.

This is the long story of Edmon Dantès “The Count of Montecristo”. Taken from real facts it is unquestionably one of Alexandre Dumas' most exciting novels, a timeless classic.

For this series of rings, my inspiration sinks with full hands in a symbol of his imprisonment: being “put in irons” at the Château D'If off the coast of Marseille, betrayed by friends, moved by envy and jealousy.

Starting today, I will post sequentially one post with a ring of deep and chronological significance in step with the salient events of the novel.

Chapter 1
The first item is the "Heart of Mercédès", the beloved of the protagonist Edmon Dantès.
The ring can offer several strictly more personal meanings, all of which can be traced back to the strong passion, love and sacrifice or to any human knowledge activity that binds you in an indissoluble way.

They will follow: 

Chapter 2- “Irons”

Chapter 3- ”Faria"

Chapter 4- ”Freedom"

Chapter 5- "The Treasure" 

Chapter 6- ”Revenge"

Chapter 1

"The Heart of Mercédès"

Il Cuore di Mercedes anello in argento conte di montecristo

The first work is the “Heart of Mercédès” the beloved of the protagonist Edmon Dantès.
The ring can offer several strictly more personal meanings, all attributable to the strong passion, love and sacrifice or to any activity of the human knowledge that binds you in an indissoluble way. 

Chapter 2


anello in argento montecristo - ferri

Envy, jealousy, betrayal this is fate is what unites us with Edmond Dantés, who more or less each of us has suffered on his own skin.

Symbolically a way of representing our stoic resistance to them and our strict reaction to the oppression of our neighbor.

In this double ring the exact representation of the irons used in ancient times to chain prisoners.

It goes without saying that in their simplicity they will stand out.

Chapter 3


anello in argento Montecristo - Faria

Abate letterato, poliglotta e dedito alle scienze. L'anziano abate fu rinchiuso nel famigerato castello d'If con l’accusa di aver pubblicato uno scritto favorevole all'unità d'Italia.


Molto intraprendente utilizzò rudimentali strumenti costruiti da solo, con i quali scavò una galleria che poteva fargli riconquistare la libertà.

Il vecchio, invece che all'aperto, sbucò dove era segregato Edmond Dantès. 

Rassegnato ma in buona compagnia, lo introdusse alle arti, alle matematiche e ad ogni branca della cultura. Inoltre, l’abate, prossimo alla morte, confida ad Edmond un segreto: sull’isola di Montecristo si trova, ormai da tempo immemorabile, un tesoro, di cui Faria conosce la collocazione. 

L’anello è caraterizzato dalla manetta e dal teschio dell’abate, simbolo estremo del sapere che permise Edmond Dantès di ricevere una profonda erudizione, la conoscenza la forza motrice in grado di affrontare tutti i demoni e problemi della vita.

Chapter 4


Anello in argento Montecristo - Libertà

For this chapter, the simplest ring in the collection, minimal and rough, symbolically the liberation from chains, metaphorically whatever they are.

On the death of Faria, Dantès finds a way for a daring and dangerous escape, realizing that the corpses of the prisoners of the fortress are directly thrown into the sea and he hides in a mortuary bag, replacing the abbot.

Once he sinks into the swirling waves he manages to get out of the sack and swim to safety. He is rescued by a crew of smugglers who take him with them thanks to his skills as a sailor.


After some time the smugglers find themselves having to make a stop on the island of Montecristo. Here Dantès manages to be alone and, following the coordinates given by the abbot, to find the treasure.

Chapter 5

"The treasure"

Anello in argento Montecristo - Il tesoro

Suddenly richer than he could have ever dreamed, Edmond Dantès pretends to be Count of Monte Cristo and returns with great pomp to Marseilles to consummate his revenge.

For this chapter, the most precious ring in the collection, minimal and rough, like the previous one, but embellished with diamonds and gold. (925 silver, 18Kt gold and F color diamonds)
The available versions are:



Chapter 6


Anello in Argento Montecristo - Vendetta

With the last Chapter of this collection, Edmond's revenge is celebrated. Now rich and powerful, Dantès passes himself off as various characters: Abbot Busoni, Lord Wilmore and, finally, the Count of Monte Cristo.


Through these three identities, the protagonist methodically consumes his own revenge, repaying his enemies - those who have wrongly accused and imprisoned him - with their own currency, intruding into their lives, pretending to be friends and destroying them from within, as in a sort of Dantesque retaliation.

While he guarantees happiness and freedom to those few who have remained faithful to him.

With this ring I would like to symbolize the retalition on certain people or situations that all of us in life have had to deal with, the force that pushes us to get our great payback.

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