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  • “Black Flag” bracelet with solid volumes with the Anchor and the iconic and timeless Jolly Roger.

    The romantic vision of a world that we have held in our minds since childhood as the most precious of treasures. 


    The production time for your exclusive Decem jewel is approximately 15/20 days.


    "Black Flag" bracelet

    € 249,00Price
    • With thelegislative decree 22/5/99 n. 185. a  consumer protection service all purchases via the internet have the possibility of the right of withdrawal.


    • For an optimal size, measure your wrist with a tape measure without leaving any slack, then calculate an extra 3 cm.

    are you buying a ring and you don't know your exact size?
    here is the solution.


    Tool size Ring Free *

    You will receive it comfortably at your home and you will only have to bear the shipping costs.
    * offer valid for rings above € 148


    Reimbursement of shipping costs
    We will refund the cost of the shipping costs (€ 14 for Italy) of the ring on the first purchase of a DECEM ring.
    ATTENTION! This offer is convenient only for Italy country

    Fast Shipping
    Shipping by courier 1-2 days.

    It will be shipped on the first working day following the order and you will receive it in 3-4 working days.
    7 days for Eu Countries

    Use it forever

    You can use it for any need and online purchase.

    Anelliera .jpg

    To receive your ring free of charge click here

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