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  • Skull Ring Samael (punishment of God) is an archangel who in tradition has the role of accuser, seducer and destroyer, often associated with the angel of death (Azrael) He is considered arbitrary, good and at the same time cruel. He was identified as the guardian angel of Esau, patron saint of the Roman Empire.
    Also referred to as the "Lord of Karma" and our future incarnations depend on him, since he establishes what will be the tests to be re-proposed to humans worthy of continuing their path towards ascension.

    The astrological tradition attributes to him the typical peculiarities of Mars: strength, combativeness, courage, decision.

    The ring is made of solid 925 silver
    It can also be ordered without horns (select the item in the drop-down menu)

    The realization times of your exclusive Decem jewel are about 15/20 working days.

    Open Jaws Samael Skull Ring


    are you buying a ring and you don't know your exact size?
    here is the solution.


    Tool size Ring Free *

    You will receive it comfortably at your home and you will only have to bear the shipping costs.
    * offer valid for rings above € 148


    Reimbursement of shipping costs
    We will refund the cost of the shipping costs (€ 14 for Italy) of the ring on the first purchase of a DECEM ring.
    ATTENTION! This offer is convenient only for Italy country

    Fast Shipping
    Shipping by courier 1-2 days.

    It will be shipped on the first working day following the order and you will receive it in 3-4 working days.
    7 days for Eu Countries

    Use it forever

    You can use it for any need and online purchase.

    Anelliera .jpg

    To receive your ring free of charge click here

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